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Just as Fashion as Mommy Today is Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sippy Cups Reviewed


Sandra never used a bottle, she'd spit them right out so we've been using sippy cups exclusively since she said bye to the boob shortly after her first birthday. It's HARD to find a good sippy cup! And yes we have tried all of these sippy cups in my search for the real "no spill" sippy. Starting from top left and moving clockwise here are my thoughts:

********1. Munchkin Dora Straw Cups: I found these on sale at our grocery store for about $5. Sandra loved her Dora cups so that was a good thing. The straws are a pain to clean and while they don't spill at first, if the cup is left for just a few minutes the built up suction causes a stream of milk to dribble out of the straw leaving a sizable puddle underneath the cup. So we still had to keep an eye on it all the time. Therefore, I already threw out one of these that we had bought but I keep one around for emergencies... maybe for water once in a while.

********2. Ikea Dinner Set: The entire set costs only $5 so I say it's a great purchase. The sippy is pretty basic so it spills a little bit but it's not bad. Plus you get all the other pieces that come in handy. I would recommend this but it's not the perfect sippy I was looking for.

********3. Boon Sippy: About $8. I bought this cup because it looked cool and claimed that it didn't spill. It definitely spills, and considerably! Plus, it was hard for Sandra to hold. We used this only once!

********4. Nuk EZ Cup: $5.99. This is by far THE WORST of the lot. The nipple comes completely off leaving a gaping hole for all the contents to come flying out. Yup, it happened to me! This is sitting in my kitchen cabinet waiting to be upcycled in some way.

********5. NameStar My Sippy Cup: $6.99. In terms of leaking these are the best. They don't leak at all unless Sandra drops (or throws) her cup and there's inevitable splatter. We happily used these cups for months... until Sandra realized she can chew the rubber off of the spouts... We've had to throw away about 4 tops to these already so we can't use them anymore. I would recommend these if your baby refrains from tearing up the spout because they make the least mess, are easy to clean and very comfy for baby.

********6. Avent Magic Trainer: $6. The valve system of these cups does a good job of making sure that nothing spills from the spout. Unfortunately milk and water seems to trickle out of other spots! Sandra likes these cups though and the hard plastic makes them durable so I still use the two we have for water.

********7. (At Center) OXO Tot Sippy: $9.99. Finally a sippy cup that doesn't spill (only a drop here and there) AND has a durable spout that Sandra can't chew up or rip out. Of course, this had to be the most expensive cup but it's well worth it for it's valve system that makes for minimal drips and the durable hard plastic spout. A bonus is that it looks cool and you can see how much milk or water your tot is drinking! The rubber grips on the sides also make it easy for Sandra to hold.

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